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Hi there!


What you have in front of you is the result of a three year musical journey, writing and recording songs. No game plan. No real goal. No record company. No A&R.

A far cry from our own musical past…no ‘hair’ metal here folks! Just writing, recording and making music for the love of it.

Call it a project if you want.

It’s something the three of us needed to do, but only realized this after the album was finished. We grew to love what we did. We hope we can get you to do the same.


Let us know what you think!….Enjoy!


Martin, Andrew and Joris



Check this space every few days, and we will post a snippet of a new song. With a visual. When we get close to the end, we’ll let you know how to get hold of a copy of the CD.


Joris Lindner

Martin Helmantel

Andrew Elt


To order the CD...

Watch this space!

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